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“We were strolling on the Moon, and all of a sudden a magic stick rolled towards us, bumping softly, in the low gravitational atmosphere. As it got closer and closer, several stardust gems were attracted to it. They crystallized in random combinations thanks to a lunar magnetism. I was dreaming about a journey to the Moon and back!”

Gem is a suspension lamp, in hand blown glass, made with “a lume” technique, which is another expertise within the Veneto region. Every single glass element is different from the other, and slightly irregular, emphasizing the hand-made nature. The surface can be clear or with a “corroded” finish, which seems like a white moon dust coating. There are several compositions from linear to bunches. The glass gems cling to a brass tube, via brass buds which contain a proprietary led source.

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Hand blown transparent or corroded borosilicate glass and hand finished or electroplated brass.

Power Supply

220-240V 50-60Hz

Standard Light Source

GEM PENDANT CLUSTER 06: 6 Proprietary Gem LEDs. 13W, 1240 Lumens GEM PENDANT CLUSTER 09: 9 Proprietary Gem LEDs. 20W, 1860 Lumens

LED Properties

2700K warm white. CRI>95. Energy label A.

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